Week 4 What curriculum will we use?

I have barely completed Assignment 1 and now it is straight into Assignment 2 discussions this week.

This week we have been introduced to the ‘EDUDOGGY CONCEPT’ – Michelle Thompson has posted the diagram used in her blog – When designing my unit plan I will ensure that the ‘technology tail does not wag the dog’

So  far in this course we have had many chances to explore and expand our knowledge of appropriate ICT tools for the 21st century classroom. We have viewed ways to present information; ways to search for information, and keep on track with it all; but most importantly we have addressed the many reasons why ICTs are to be included in our educational planning and pedagogy, and the kinds of ICTs we can utilise for effective enhancement of learning.


We are beginning to to explore the importance of understanding alignment between the delivery of the curriculum, assessment and pedagogy, for the purpose of planning a unit of work.

The first question to address when unit planning should be


This is an important question, especially with so many changes occurring nationally in relation to this. For the purpose of this course, The Australian Curriculum is the document of choice, however, being a Bachelor of Early Childhood Student I realise that I will also need to align with the Early Years Learning Framework.

I believe I have quite a task ahead of me as I plan a unit of work for a prep classroom, but am looking forward to the challenge…

There is an Educators Guide for the Early Years Learning Framework that I consider to be very helpful.

This is the link to an online resource that is a ‘must read’ guide to the Early Years Learning Framework  (EYLF)- It contains explanations of: EYLF Principles, EYLF Practice, and EYLF Learning Outcomes.